5 Loyalty Programs in the UAE You May Not Have Heard Of

December 13, 2020 by Amyaal Contributor


Loyalty programs and incentives are all around these days, and with such a vast selection its sometime shard to know which ones will work best for you. From loyalty cards to discount apps, there are a wide range of different offers available from stores who make shopping with them more innovative and rewarding.

We have had a look around and found what we think are the some of the most innovative loyalty schemes that you may not have heard of in the UAE.


It isn’t often that you find a fast food company that has a reward scheme – the concept of earning reward points for a place where you get a quick burger and fries is very new, seemingly to the point that it appears to be the only real scheme of its kind worldwide – the only other thing McDonald’s offers elsewhere is a buy 5, get one free card on its coffee. In the UAE, however, McDonald’s has launched a full reward scheme that tracks your purchases and offer you spendable points towards your favorite items!


We all like to save money on our grocery bills, and one of the best ways to do that is through cashback – a system where you get a small percentage of whatever you pay for on item paid back to you. Lots of places offer a percentage-based system where you only find out how much you are getting back once you check the app. That is where ClipTheDeal is different. With outright, upfront statements of exactly what you will receive in cashback in UAE dirhams, you will know exactly what you are getting out of the deal.


Going out to dinner is one of those increasingly rare treats these days. With the events of 2020 making it difficult to justify going out and having fun, when you do go out, you need to make the most of it. That is where Repeat makes it better. Most restaurant loyalty programs require you to have gone to a dining spot a few times to get the benefit, but Repeat, instead encourages you to try new places by offering deals from the start, but ups the ante by offering better deals the more times you go to a restaurant. The perfect excuse to treat yourself!  We are mostly all familiar with the benefits of the Entertainer.  Both are fantastic but Repeat offers different kind of incentive.


Probably the most unique service on this list, CAFU is one of the world’s first home refueling services. Run through their app, CAFU takes away the need to visit a petrol station by bringing the petrol station to you! That a service as unique as this offers a loyalty system, where through referrals to friends, you can get free fuel, is astounding in and of itself!  We hope CAFU will continue developing their program to offer incentives around the money you spend filling up gas, in which case, would put the program against some of the bigger competitors around like ADNOC Rewards and Yes Rewards by ENOC.


One of our favorites!  Ride-sharing is a massive part of everyday life these days, with the option to hail a ride through an app rather than a traditional taxi has changed the game when it comes to transportation. Careem have further expanded on their service, however, with a loyalty program that lets you earn points every time their service is used, be it for a ride or for by using their food and delivery service. What makes Careem’s app different though is the variety of things you can use their points for, from food, to charity to free rides and even converting your points to air miles!   Given how big a part of everyday life these services are, you’d be leaving money on the table to not be a part of this program.




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