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January 6, 2021 by Amyaal Community

Nike vs. Adidas: which provides the best Shopping Experiences

I should start by saying that I love both brands, and discussions on Nike vs Adidas is in no way targeted at either one’s products. But in terms of the sales staff, one is leagues ahead of the other in regards to product training, technical knowledge, and customer interaction.

I took my family sports shoes shopping in a mall in Dubai and walked into Nike first. The experience was amazing. What started as a look at the running/training shoe lines we were always buying turned into a conversation of stepping technique, distance, frequency, weight distribution, and many other technical details that eventually led to the perfect shoe fit (which was actually not the most expensive one on the shelf!) If anyone was trying to upsell, I certainly could not see it. The 5 staff members we interacted with around the store in the different sections were engaging, approachable, consistently knowledgeable, and great conversationalists (men’s clothing, men’s shoes, women’s clothing, women’s shoes, girl’s shoes). I was truly impressed. It really felt like a “visit” to the store and its people rather than a chore to pick something up. After buying almost everything we were looking for, we decided to pass by Adidas. The difference was incredible. With only one other customer in the store and 4 staff members, I had to request assistance twice. When the gentlemen came to assist, I asked if they had another color of the shoe my daughter liked, and I got an immediate, no. Yet, a few steps over, I found the other color, two colors, in fact. I then asked for a specific type of shorts I only buy from Adidas. Again, despite the sales staff saying that they do not have it, I found the shorts sitting right on the shelf. Although I still ended up buying what I was after from Adidas, I have to say, the smile that was on my face when I left Nike was left in the Adidas store.

I hope that global, technical brands would continue to invest in their employees, especially during difficult economic times. Economic cycles are cyclical and will eventually improve. But experiences last a very long time. Put that smile on your customers’ faces and you’ll win them for life.

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6 months ago

So true! I had the same experience in Dubai mall (maybe they were the same stores you visited)! Although I prefer Adidas products, I find Nike a lot more customer-focused.

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