Experience Review – Shopping for Baby Products in the UAE

January 10, 2021 by Amyaal Contributor


Customer Experience Comparison of Buying Baby Products

As ecommerce continues to grow in the Middle East, the competition does as well.  Many international players such as Amazon have taken a huge interest in this region and have set-up or bought out locally established companies to strengthen their positions in the market.  Pricing competition, product offering, delivery innovation, and overall engagement strategies should make us even more excited as customers.

We all know Amazon’s range of products, delivery, and loyalty program is great. In hopes of finding options just as impressive for you, we decided to see how MumzWorld.com and Firstcry.ae’s customer experience in buying baby products compare to Amazon.ae and they did not disappoint!

To level the playing field, we focused on finding a specific product, the Philips Avent Bottle Drying Rack.  After purchasing the item from one website, we made two other purchases to test the rest of the customer experience.  The points evaluated are on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the most customer experience friendly – all topics are given equal importance.

Topic Amazon.ae Firstcry.ae Mumzworld.com
Finding the Product


4 4 4
Product Information Availability


5 5 5
Reviews Availability


4 2 4
Shipping and Payment Options and Information


5 5 5
Loyalty Incentives


4 2 3


5 5 5


4 5 4
After-sales Follow-up & Support


4 3 4
Total Score 4.375 3.875 4.25


  • Finding the Product

    1. Amazon.ae: The process was simple and browsing through products online is like searching for products in a department store. There are so many!
    2. Firstcry.ae: We liked the product and brand categorization – our item was easy to find through different browsing methods.
    3. Mumzworld.com: Comparable to Firstcry, Mumzworld had great browsing methods and categorization.
  • Product Information Availability:

All 3 websites displayed adequate product information, images, and general details.

  • Reviews Availability:

Both Amazon and Mumzworld had less than 20 reviews while Firstcry had none.  It may be due to the amount of sales but Amazon also has the benefit of tapping into their worldwide database for product reviews. Edge goes to Amazon.

  • Pricing

    1. Amazon.ae: Most competitive price as expected.  Amazon was also running a promotion offering an additional 15% discount for purchases through their app.  Amazon also charges for delivery without the Prime Membership though they did give us free shipping for our first order.
    2. Firstcry.ae: The price was the highest of the 3 by a small margin though it was on promotion.
    3. Mumzworld.com: The price was competitive and offered free delivery without any other add-ons.
  • Shipping and Payment Options and Information

All three websites offered multiple shipping and payment options.  Firstcry and Amazon both charged for shipping while Mumzworld did not.  To test the ‘free delivery’ option, we decided to purchase the bottle drying rack from Mumzworld to see if delivery time was compromised and again, we were not disappointed.

  • Loyalty Incentive

    1. Amazon.ae – if you shop online then you need Amazon Prime. At AED140/Year, you can easily cover the cost by saving on shipping and benefit from exclusive discounts.  We would rather not pay for membership but without a loyalty points system, we can justify it.
    2. Fistcry.ae – we are glad that a loyalty program was adopted but you can tell that it will need time to develop and become a bigger incentive driver. The points value in return was low, and points are not immediately added (probably due to returns). Nonetheless, you can earn ‘loyalty cash’ through purchases and gain access to the many coupon codes available towards purchases.  We found this inconvenient with the purchase requirements and we also did not know where to enter the promo code for the additional 15% discount for our first purchase – it was not at the checkout page.
    3. Wumzworld.com – Automatic enrolment made this an easy program to use. Mumzworld allows for multiple ways to earn points including spending, writing reviews, referring a friend, and filling out post-purchase surveys.  Our only quibble is that the points value is extremely low.  Babies grow up fast and if we can reap the benefits quicker, then this program would be more attractive.
  • Trust:

Nothing to say here – all three delivered exactly or better than promised.  We did not check whether we bought directly from website inventory or a third-party seller just to make sure we were fair.

  • Delivery :

Though all three websites had superb order confirmation methods by email/ SMS and delivery confirmations, we gave the win to FirstCry as the product was supposed to be delivered in 5 days but was delivered in 2.

  • Aftersales Support

We did not encounter any issues with the 3 products we purchased but in terms of follow-up surveys, Amazon and Mumzworld did a fantastic job.  All three have easy return policies that are clearly communicated after the transaction so be assured that you will get service support from all 3.

We also have been bombarded ever since with promotional and cross-selling emails.  We understand that it is a strong selling tool for them but we hope our data will remain safe in their databases only.

In conclusion, we tend to focus on the biggest or most well-known but when other innovators in the market are making strides to improve our experience, then we should always consider other shopping destinations especially when it’s category-specific shopping, like baby products.




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6 months ago

Great review, thanks for posting! I’ve never tried buying anything from Firstcry or Mumzworld before because I always find everything on Amazon, but their websites are definitely easier to navigate when it comes to baby products (I guess because they specialize in them).

2 months ago

I just ordered an item from Firstcry for the first time ever. They sent me an entirely different item! I think that breaks the record in bad customer experience. Will not be ordering from them again!

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