Experience Review: Testing Etisalat Smiles Food Delivery

February 14, 2021 by Amyaal Contributor

Earn and Redeem Your Smile Points for Etisalat’s New Food Delivery Service

Loyalty innovation at its best!  Along with earning points through paying your telecom bills, shopping, purchasing access to experiences, and travel, you can now earn and redeem your Smiles points for Food Delivery in the UAE.

If you are an Etisalat Smiles loyalty member, update the Smiles application to access the new food delivery option.  If you are a resident of the UAE and are not a Smiles member, then you are missing out on some free value.

Customer Experience Evaluation:

As many of you are familiar, at Amyaal.com we focus on customer experience and the various factors that result in a good or bad experience.  Our evaluation is as follows on our 0-5 scale with 5 representing a market-leading position:


Ease of Use 5
Options and Selection 4
Information Availability 3
Payment 5
Delivery 3
Loyalty Incentives 5
Trust 5
After-Sales Support 4


Explanation of Rating:

Ease of Use The food delivery option fits perfectly into the Smiles App
Options and Selection Only 3 days in and the app already offers over 300 options. Easy to search.
Information Availability Restaurant info is plentiful and it is understandable that reviews are limited.
Payment Easy to use points + cash option with full flexibility!
Delivery Delivery was 15 minutes late through 3rd party delivery provider Quipup.  We recommend thermal food bags as well.
Loyalty Incentives You earn points on the cash portion to fit seamlessly with all the other earn options from Smiles. We love it!
Trust Order received as promised
After-Sales Support AI customer support along with direct contact to the restaurant.


As Smiles food delivery option continues to grow, expect to see more restaurants and quicker service.  Be sure to download the Smiles app so you do not miss out.


Demonstration Below:

















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