Fine Hygienic Holding: A Hallmark of Wellness

December 20, 2020 by Badea J.


Founded in 1958, Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH) has always had one mission: to improve the wellness of millions of individuals and their families in over 80 markets across the globe, including the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and the USA.

Today, FHH stands as one of the leading manufacturers of hygienic paper products and premier Wellness Groups in the world. FHH offers a wide range of hygienic and wellness products, including facial tissues, paper towels, baby and adult diapers, liquid cleaners and sanitisers, air fresheners and, most recently, face masks and gloves.

In order to ensure a positive customer experience, Fine first works on achieving the highest quality possible on a consistent basis. In the words of James Michael Lafferty, CEO of FHH, “It starts with the actual product itself, where we deliver on the value.” In fact, Fine genuinely and unequivocally values the customer experience, “as consumers come first and lie at the heart of the business.” Lafferty adds that he encourages employees to assume the role of brand ambassadors by, for example, thanking customers for choosing Fine for their hygienic needs.

To further support the customer journey, FHH employs user-friendly interfaces in the form of emails, an online shopping platform and a toll-free number. Also, customer relations officer, Carolyn Manyapye from Emerge Consulting Services, was recently engaged to standardize and deliver the overall Fine customer experience program. She explained that the FHH team aims to capture the hearts of consumers by always innovating, building emotional relationships, stepping ahead of what customers need, preparing them for those ‘aha moments, and ultimately improving their lives.


Little girl with face mask


When creating or enhancing Fine products, Lafferty explains that, rather than using the traditional marketing method of gathering consumer research and asking users for their preferences, FHH adopts a different approach. Instead, they brainstorm, come up with innovative ideas and develop products that are truly valuable to customers. For example, in the face of the coronavirus pandemic this year, FHH has utilized certified Livinguard®️ technology that filters and sterilizes the air and kills bacteria and viruses in their production and distribution of millions of Fine Guard face masks, potentially saving millions of lives in the process.



To conclude, FHH’s outlook towards customers is best embodied in its longstanding core value, “If we take care of the people, the business will take care of itself.” In other words, the company values the well-being of its customers and employees. Ultimately, the success of Fine can be attributed to not just it’s offering of quality products, but also its favourable treatment of people, both externally and internally.



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