How One Hotel is Winning their Customers Amidst COVID-19

December 12, 2020 by Badea J.


With the onset of COVID-19 in early spring 2020, I never imagined visiting a public space this year, let alone dining with my family at a restaurant! Yet, as my beloved mother’s birthday neared in mid-October, it was inevitable that we meet her one and only wish – to have lunch at Tamara in the oh-so-chic St. Regis Amman hotel. She craved a special celebration as good as my father’s that took place last January in the hotel’s Spanish outlet, Mercado.

Image courtesy of St. Regis Amman, JO.

To start off this unforgettable day, the staff sat us outside as a precautionary measure to limit the risk of coronavirus transmission. The St. Regis has redefined the cleaning and safety standards to ensure our safety. All employees were wearing masks and extremely attentive to all hygiene protocols. Their commitment to cleanliness has put the family at ease to enjoy this memorable day.

As we are frequent customers, they offered us complimentary appetizers, which hit all the right spots. Thereafter, our scrumptious main courses arrived shortly, followed by a decadent chocolate cake. Of course, the attentive staff belted out a birthday song in both English and Arabic, filling my mother with glee and supreme joy.

That’s not all. A few days later, I received a phone call from the manager, who asked me to stop by the hotel to pick up a gift for my mom – a stylish frame featuring two photographs of both of my parents’ birthday celebrations alongside the staff. This same frame now sits in our main living room and serves as a beautiful reminder of the personalized customer experience received by none other than the St. Regis.

Taking photos and framing them is certainly not a business gimmick, but simply a part of this luxurious brand’s signature initiative to create and leave long-lasting memories for its clientele. Back in March 2018, the warm and loving St. Regis personnel in Langkawi similarly gifted my family with a framed picture as they bid us adieu.

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As a Marriott BonVoy member that has seen and been to numerous hotels, the St. Regis Amman has exceeded all my expectations and truly represented the overall Marriott brand at its core. The astonishing hotel offers its loyal customers room upgrades, discounts of up to 10-20% and even personalized services based on tastes and preferences of its guests. For example, they left me a yoga mat in my room knowing that I’m a regular yoga practitioner. Moreover, they have taken all the right precautions to protect their guests from the coronavirus infection, like placing menu QR codes in rooms and restaurants, providing face masks and gloves for all front-of-house employees and even covering breakfast fruits with Saran wrap. St. Regis has certainly stolen my heart.

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Main Image courtesy of St. Regis Amman, Jordan.

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