DG Privilege

Sharaf DG

United Arab Emirates

Currency Name

Air Miles

Currency Value

1 Air Mile AED 0.007

(this may vary across redemption options)

Membership Tier
Basic AED 0 – 4999
Silver AED 5000 – 9999
Gold AED 10000 – 24999
Platinum AED 25000+


Tier Status is independent of points earned and can only be achieved through spend.

Tier Benefits and Privileges
Basic 1 Air Mile Per 1.5 AED (hard goods)

1 Air Mile Per 1 AED (accessories)

Silver 10% Bonus Air Miles
Gold 25% Bonus Air Miles
Platinum 50% Bonus Air Miles


Benefits are dependent on tier and include the following:

  • Exclusive Offers
  • Dedicated call center
  • Bonus Air Miles on app downloads
  • Concierge Service
  • Complimentary Data Transfer
  • Dedicated Cashier Line
  • Free Gift Wrapping
  • Events and Product Previews
  • Free Repairs
  • Discounted Warranty
  • Bonus Air Miles
  • Free Shipping (with limits)
  • Extended Return Policy
Tier Management

Tier status is reviewed on a yearly (12-month) basis.

Validity of Miles or Points

Air Miles expire every 3 years started from March of every year.

Earning Miles or Points

All eligible in-store or online transactions, including the Sharaf DG application.

Spending Miles or Points

Redemption can be done directly towards any Sharaf DG bill or through a Sharaf DG voucher purchased from Air Miles.

Voucher Cost = 14,000 Air Miles for AED 100 voucher

Participating Brands/Partners

Sharaf DG

FlexiPay and Promotions are also applicable through credit card and payment providers.  Some participating brands (for in-store use only) include:

  • Emirates Islamic Bank
  • Emirates NBD
  • Samba
  • RAK Bank
  • ADCB
  • Mashreq Bank


Finanical Products

Sharaf DG Gift Card

sharaf dg gift card