’s Noon VIP Now Available to Customers in Saudi Arabia

March 8, 2021 by Amyaal Contributor

Noon VIP now available in Saudi Arabia at an average price of AED11 per month and offers cashbacks, faster deliveries, priority customer care, and exclusive promotions.


As continues to grow and offer us more in terms of products, prices, payment, and delivery options, they have now extended the popular Noon VIP program to customers in KSA.

Similar to the loyalty subscription offered by Amazon Prime (which also launched in Saudi a few weeks ago), the Noon VIP loyalty subscription unlocks benefits such as cash back, free or faster delivery, instant refunds, priority customer service, and overall further discounts and exclusive promotions.

You will automatically be enrolled into the program if you have 6 or more purchases within a 12-month period or you can skip that and subscribe directly.  Cost for 3 months is SR 33 or SR 120 for one year membership.

Noon VIP is also available in UAE and Egypt.  To learn more about Noon VIP, you can check out the Loyalty Program Guide.  If you haven’t subscribe yet and plan on shopping online from noon, then we definitely recommend you become a noon VIP member.



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