Prime Package: How Amazon Prime Has Landed With a Splash

December 13, 2020 by Ben M.


Walking in the Amazon

Given its massive worldwide nature and the way it has dominated the online shopping market for years, its strange to think that only chose to enter the market in the UAE in 2019. After all, the Emirates is one of the single most lucrative markets and hubs worldwide, as the success of has proven.

And that was probably Amazon’s sticking point – they would have had to come into the UAE and face heavy competition from online retailers who were already established. This probably explains why they initially decided to take over With the launch of however, the charm offensive is truly on as they unleash the full range of Prime Benefits on the UAE.

Amazon Prime, Amazon’s subscription service – a loyalty program equivalent, has become one of the cornerstones of their business, with a relatively small monthly payment offering a wide range of services and benefits to their customers.

Primed and Ready

So, what exactly do you get with Amazon Prime?

The short answer: A lot.

Even before you get into some of the wider services, it has to be said that Amazon Prime’s delivery benefits are worth the price of entry alone. Delivery charges in online shopping are always one of the biggest bones of contention when it comes to shopping decisions, but for just AED 16 a month, Amazon cuts off most of the difficulties. With free next day delivery on all prime-eligible items, you’ll find yourself – as I did – changing your search criteria almost immediately to only include Prime items. Even better, many of the items you’ll have access to through the service have free same day delivery, a service that absolutely pays its way in the current times. When the items you ordered today arrive on your doorstep, today, it makes any arguments against subscribing seem almost nonsensical.  Even for items that aren’t same day, Prime members get access to expedited service from’s marketplace for orders over AED 100, with waiting periods of 6 to 9 business days still outstripping many others.

Juan Ci /

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And then, of course, there is Amazon Prime video.

What was once a poor man’s Netflix has become, for many, the streaming service of choice, with original content, live sporting events and a huge library of both ready-stream and rental movies and TV shows.

Ready for Prime Day

There is one more, incredibly vital benefit to being on Amazon Prime, although it is not as ostensibly useful as the others. Once a year Amazon holds a super-sale for its Prime members known as Prime Day.

Falling around mid-October, Prime Day offers massive price drops on a huge variety of products, with limited time deals on some of the biggest and best brands in the world. Everything from Bose headphones to Amazon’s own Kindles tablets and e-readers are up for grabs. The deals are only available in limited numbers and for that one day, but the annual sale is one that cannot be missed.

With all these benefits at the fingertips, there really is not any reason to pass up at least the thirty-day trial of Prime. We usually do not like subscription-based benefit programs as they may be too restrictive if not they are not regularly updated but this one is definitely one of the exceptions – we like it a lot!



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