Quick Guide: What is Price Matching?

January 26, 2021 by Amyaal Contributor

A Quick Guide to Value-Based Pricing

Price matching has been around for a while now, whether it be through independent sites that show you where to get the best price, or through a stores own policy. Price matching is an offer some of the UAE’s biggest stores make, where if their competitors offer an item at a lower price, they will match that price in order to make the sale.

The biggest problem with price matching, from a customer point of view, is complexity. Unlike traditional haggling, Price matching for each store is bound by a set of rules that allow any member of their sales staff to complete the process for you.

Two Examples of Price Matching being Offered:

We’re starting with SharafDG.com. This online retailer offers a Best Price Guarantee that allows them to drop the price of an item on an individual basis to match their competitors. Their full page is available here and you need to bear in mind that they do not price match with everyone. At the current time, they price match with Axiom, Carrefour, Emax and Lulu.

To claim a price match, Sharaf DG gives the following guidance:

From the perspective of someone who has worked with these offers, I would recommend option 1, and email. You’re going to be waiting 24 hours either way, and this way you have the process backed up in writing.


Moving on, Ounass.com also offers a price match guarantee. Theirs is a little more complicated, as it accounts for exchange rates, but their actual process of applying is fairly simple:

Again, I would recommend using email or their online contact form to apply – backing yourself up in writing is one of the best ways to ensure a good outcome.  You can access more information through this link: https://www.ounass.ae/content/price-match

The important thing to remember when using these processes is to be patient. No store will price match you instantly, as they have to protect themselves against fraud and other issues. Whenever you buy an item from a major retailer, check to see if they offer this sale – it could save you a lot in the long run!



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